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Murray studied at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax briefly, then transferred to the University of New Brunswick at Fredericton to study physical education. However, she did not forget her love of music during those studies.

She unsuccessfully auditioned for a Canadian network television series, Singalong Jubilee , in 1964; in 1966, she again auditioned for the same series, and this time was cast.

The community's coal mining industry unexpectedly shut down in the 1958 after a series of mining accidents, and Murray wanted to promote a new industry for the struggling area.

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In 1968 Murray released her first album, What About Me .

She made her major label debut the following fall with the Capitol Records release This Way Is My Way .

One of six children, Murray grew up with five active brothers.

On her website Murray noted that "I often think that perhaps the reason I became a successful singer was that, as a kid, I could never do anything as well as my brothers.

The song was one of the most played selections in North America in 1970 and garnered Murray an American gold record (meaning that the single had sold over 500,000 copies), a first for a Canadian female solo artist.

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