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Because James Bond would have done that, and probably would have had sex and a cigarette and thought, who’s next? And I think it’s really important to do scenes that do make people feel uncomfortable. But nobody doesn’t notice it – and, afterward, they’ll talk about it. Two years ago, there were more than a few raised eyebrows when the first film ended with a female character (played by Hanna Alström) offering Eggsy the opportunity to engage in anal sex should he save the world.

(Eggsy does and the movie ends with the consummation of their brief relationship.) At the time, director Matthew Vaughn told EW that the joke was very much in keeping with the whole movie’s send-up of the Bond series, flipping the script and making what was implied in those movies, well, explicit.

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"Harvey Weinstein, by the way, is not the only one who has used confidentiality settlements.

That's why more of Hollywood's behavior hasn't been exposed.

Much of the movie focuses on the now-defunct Digital Entertainment Network, which sprung up around the turn of the century when Hollywood was still trying to figure out the internet.

The company, known as DEN, generated lots of buzz and attracted some high-profile investors, including congressman-turned movie producer Michael Huffington; film and music mogul David Geffen; and Bryan Singer, the director of two movies.

He knows there's a market for the film because pirates keep throwing the movie online illegally.

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