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The heroes then began their quest to save Skylands from Kaos' tyranny with the new Portal Master guiding them.

After Kaos's defeat in his lair, three of the Skylanders (Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy) returned to the Ruins with the captive Kaos, and Hugo later banished the evil Portal Master to Earth where he was shrunk and turned into a toy.

However, Master Eon hinted to the new Portal Master that the journey with their Skylanders was only the beginning.

One Air Skylander, Whirlwind, is capable of destroying Purple Tzo Crystals with one of her normal attacks but only in Spyro's Adventure as that capability is disabled in Giants.

When opening an Air Gate, the Air skylander uses a small tornado that acts as a teleporter.

By Eon's command, the Skylanders fought valiantly against Kaos's dark forces, but as they were winning the struggle, Kaos released his Hydra, who successfully destoyed the Core of Light in a devastating blast.

Shortly after the Core's destruction, all of the Skylanders were banished from Skylands to Earth, where they were turned into toys as a result of Earth bearing no magic, and waited for a new Portal Master to find them.

The famous purple dragon himself even joined the ranks, becoming leader of the modern-day Skylanders.

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