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In this and his other works on poetics dating back to 1918—1920 he described the verbal «ornament», «modelling of a word and an image», their «streaming» and «fluidity», and the «organic» images. in Engl.) © 1997–2018 Portal of Russian Psychological Publications.

Alternating and replacing each other, «line» and «ornament», «song» and «melody», «dance» and «gesture» constitute a specific discourse within his work.

See full summary » Stars: Chihiro Suzuki, Eric Vale, Tamio Ohki, Cole Brown The guerrillas infiltrate the Daleks' base to rescue the Doctor and Jo and ask them to return to their own time and alter history before the 20th century is plunged into a Third World War.

Director: Paul Bernard A man kills himself after having a deja vu of an alternate timeline in which his wife admitted to infidelity.

Junto con Banderas de Nuestros Padres forma la pareja de películas sobre el conflicto dirigidas por Eastwood. La fotografía es espectacular y la banda sonora, compuesta por el propio Eastwood, es solemne y adecuada, provocando emociones en los momentos precisos.

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