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‘To employ that quantity of people alone — let alone if the business requires warehousing or product or whatever it is that you need — you need cash.

I don’t have anywhere near enough cash to do, necessarily, the things I want to do.’Oliver has continued to expand his business despite the catering industry — including rival TV chefs — being hit by the downturn.

He takes his final handling test this morning and is set to receive his wings at a passing-out parade at Middle Wallop next week.

Addressing 150 businessmen and ­political figures at the Mansion House hours before Gordon Brown’s gaffe ­yesterday, Sir John Major was eerily prescient.

‘I think that because Clegg is the only one of them to have really had a “proper job”, he sets the best example. ‘I think that makes him a reliable leader in comparison to the competition.’More surprising, however, is 28-year-old Olivia’s summation of the other candidates, and what the great ­Victorian statesman Gladstone would have made of them.

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