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Helens should do so soon, as the upper portion of State Route 504 – also known as Spirit Lake Memorial Highway – will close for the winter on Thursday, Dec. Crews with the Washington State Department of Transportation will close SR 504 at milepost 45 near Coldwater Lake.

The route now tallies just 11.62 miles between Oregon 62 at Trail and the Douglas County line. The guide sign at the Exit 98 off-ramp omits Oregon 99 (5th Street).

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The state highway merged back onto the freeway at the Exit 99 diamond interchange. Main Street intersects Gazley Bridge Road and Creekside Road at the freeway interchange. Riddle Bypass Road ties into the exit from the west. Next in line for northbound travelers is the Exit 106 diamond interchange for Weaver Road.

Weaver Road stems north from the Riddle Bypass and Pruner Roads intersection alongside the Southern Pacific Railroad to Weaver and Interstate 5.

Despite its surroundings by mountains, the sun always shines on the meadows and creeks below, hence the name Sunny Valley. Founded in 1872 by Henry Smith, Wolf Creek grew as a lumber and supply center for the Wolf Creek and Coyote Creek mines. From there Interstate 5 climbs to a height of 1,830 feet through Stage Road Pass.

The site is home to the Grave Creek Covered Bridge, the only such span visible along the entire length of Interstate 5, and the Applegate Wagon Trail Museum. Leaving Sunny Valley, Interstate 5 again climbs, this time to the Smith Hill Summit (elevation 1,730 feet). 99 loops through the nearby settlement from Interstate 5. Coyote Creek Road comes into view at the Exit 76 off-ramp to Old U. The Oregon and California Railroad built a station at the settlement. Glendale Valley and Junction Roads meet the freeway east of Glendale at Exit 80. Interstate 5 enters Douglas County ahead of the Exit 80 folded-diamond interchange with Junction Road north and Glendale Valley Road west.

See ODOT's Trip Check page for traffic cams of Sexton Summit and weather conditions. Interstate 5 lowers from Sexton Summit to Sunny Valley and Exit 71. 99 joins Interstate 5 with Front Street / Lower Wolf Creek Road at Wolf Creek itself.

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