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Though somewhat obscure, the S2-100/MP-34 Steyr-Solothurn will be familiar to students of the sub-gun as an improved sibling of the MP-19 and MP-28 designs.Designed by Rheinmetall’s brilliant engineer, Louis Stange, the MP-34 is by far the most controllable and accurate sub-gun of the WWII era.Issue- Created an order with two line items with each 25 quantity.

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Capitalizing on his designs, OEWG became the leading European producer of small arms.

The company expanded over the next 30 years and became well known for the manufacturer of light bulbs, dynamos, electric motors, and bicycles.

And hunters know the Mannlicher name due to his signature full-length elegant stock designs.

By 1886, Mannlicher was working full time for OEWG.

Hi, We have an issue with Pricing Routine RV64A601, Condition record ZXXX sets the payment terms Z050 on each item if the combined Order quantity is 50 or more.

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