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The Assembly passed a bill, AB48, that requires the California Department of Justice to notify local law enforcement officials if someone purchases more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition within a five-day period. Tom Berryhill, who voted against the bill, said requiring an ammo fee would “do nothing to stop criminals from purchasing ammunition.” “These restrictions – like most of the gun legislation we are seeing here today – won’t do a thing to stop crime,” he said, according to

“They will only hurt the law-abiding citizens like hunters and sportsmen who, for the record, contribute millions to the state’s economy.” Here’s how the ammo permit bill – if it becomes law – would work: Prior to gun owners purchasing ammunition at a local store, they first must pay the one-time $50 fee and be subject to a background check.

Thus, a villain with several five- or 10-capacity magazines can still kill a multitude of people in a short amount of time. “And what kind of idiots are we electing to public office?

Surviving Doomsday author Richard Duarte, who also is a Miami attorney and firearms expert, said there is a bill in the Florida legislature “that would make it illegal for individuals to purchase ammunition unless they had completed a state-approved anger management class.” Violations could result in at least 60 days in jail and up to one year, he said. How can any rational person look at this pending bill and think that it makes any sense at all, or that it would have any sort of positive impact?

If a person’s name is not on the list, they can’t buy ammo.

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