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Right around the time her movie moved in next door” to her farm in Indiana—Oprah decided she needed to make some big changes, and so she began looking to buy an actual Southern plantation. He deposited me in the house in a room off the kitchen, where a small army of women in uniforms scurried in and out.

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It’s me being out in the center of the country doing that thing where you’re putting two sides together, and I am really looking forward to it.”Fager says while the temptation to have Oprah do the sort of big interviews for which she’s known is enormous, “for us it’s about resisting that; what we’re setting out to do is conquer the divide in America, try to understand it better, try to shed some light on where these differences lie.

I think a lot of people now realize that this was one of the great missed stories of our generation—that there is so much bitterness in America today—and we really see it as something that Oprah can help us better understand, and by doing that hopefully narrow that divide and start us talking again.

It is the golden hour in the Promised Land, and we are walking down Hallelujah Lane, going to see the Apostles.

Only at Oprah’s house can one come up with a sentence like that as a literal description.

“I am telling you: If you want to yourself as an individual on the planet Earth, New Zealand’s the place to go. They are not walking across the street on their cellphones. It’s crazy.” When I tell her she is the third person in a week to bring up New Zealand, she says, “Do you believe in signs? Most people go their entire lives and nobody ever really wants the answer to ‘How are you? People were moving into ‘I want to be able to watch it when I want to watch it,’ and the four o’clock hour was no longer must-see television. Their behaviors were shifting, and the media world was changing. I thought I was going to create a network that was Super Soul Sunday all day long. I was going to go from country to country interviewing people in backwoods, in igloos, on mountaintops all over the world, bringing you a look at spiritual consciousness.” She levels me with a look. “She and her husband, Salim, are creating a drama on black love and their life as a sophisticated black couple in Hollywood.” Oprah has just announced a first-look deal for television with film producer Will Packer and director Du Vernay; she is renewing .“I’m excited because I’m building my storytelling tribe,” says Oprah.

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