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this morning for my daily Misha fix and he had found this guy named Morgan Freeberg in Fair Oaks, California, that has a blog, House of Eratosthenes.I read him nearly every day because he manages to provide an interesting perspective, even though I don't always agree. 186k Per Second 4-Block World 84 Rules 9/11 Families A Big Victory Ace of Spades HQ Adam's Blog After Grog Blog Alarming News Alice the Camel Althouse Always Right, Usually Correct America's North Shore Journal American Daily American Digest American Princess The Anchoress Andrew Ian Dodge Andrew Olmstead Angelican Samizdat Ann's Fuse Box Annoyances and Dislikes Another Rovian Conspiracy Another Think Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler Associated Content The Astute Bloggers Atlantic Blog Atlas Shrugs Atomic Trousers Azamatterofact B Movies Bad Catholicism Bacon Eating Atheist Jew Barking Moonbat Early Warning System The Bastidge The Belmont Club Because I Said So Bernie Quigley Best of the Web Between the Coasts Bidinotto's Blog Big Lizards Bill Hobbs Bill Roggio The Black Republican Blame Bush!It hasn’t got any conference room scenes, it’s full of liberal twaddle but is still fun to watch.

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Luke’s just had an altercation, learned he’s going to be staring at the suns for another year before he can ever hope to move on to better things.

When you’re growing up humbly, and you’re ten, this has an impact.

Many a movie has been made better by a conference room scene. From this, we see the rule emerge with crystal clarity: Someone has to die. This has to be the worst of all of them, the very worst. I’ve learned over the years that I am hyper-sensitive to this, and everybody else isn’t necessarily.

So I’ve been given cause to think about this, as the reviews come in on The Last Jedi.

Rumors swirl about whether it’s a liberal crap-fest, and I’m not going to mislead anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, it kinda is. We’re seeing more pieces emerge and fit into the puzzle of what Star Wars is, why we are/were drawn to it, what spoils things. I’ve complained to excess, within & outside of the Star Wars universe, of “conference room scenes” which, I maintain, have what it takes to singlehandedly wreck an otherwise great movie.

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