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Note that if you get all of the Oysters, then you won't need to worry about appearances.

It is possible to have one of three activities when going out with a girlfriend, although some of them have a special date unique to them.

OK I decided to write my own review on how your girlfriend will ask you to come into her house for "coffee" if you catch my drift. If she like the date just take her there every time shes hungry. FUN (not the kind your thinking about}: If your girl wants to go driving, you might say AWW DAMN!!!! All you have to do is take baby steps when driving(hitting X every 3/4s a second), the best car I suggest with alot of sex appeal is the CADDY!!!!

Dating a girl has its benefits, as you get some bonuses for just dating them.

Also, once you get a girlfriend to 50%, then you get access to their vehicle and once their gauge reaches 100%, then you will gain access to a special outfit.

It isn't as simple as just confronting them and going out, as each of the girlfriends usually have a certain taste when it comes to how CJ looks; some like him fat, while others might like him with muscles, so it's important to know what to look like before going after one of the girls.

Denise and Millie are the only two girlfriends who don't care what CJ looks like.

This game features numerous characters from the previous two games Grand Theft Auto III (2001) and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002), including (but not limited to): Claude, Don Salvatore Leone, Maria La Torra Leone, Ken Rosenberg, Kent Paul, Catalina, Jethro, Dwaine, and more. And I Must Say This Is Hands Down The Best Game I Have Ever Played. Like Swimming, Playing Basketball, Riding Bikes, Shooting Pool, There Are Too Many New Features To Type Here Not To Mention That The Game Is 5 Times Bigger Than Vice City And NEVER Loads Outside.

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