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’ I said, ‘ Yes, I am.’ He told me, ‘ Could you please go upstairs and check your music?Only one side of the reel was erased, the other side was not.Muli Nandito lang ako (bago lumayo sa pilling mo) Higit kang kailangan kailan man (hanggang kailan kaya naman) Mahala kita (tila) hanap ka (sana) (tunay kaya ito) Minsan pang bigyan ng daan Pag-ibig na sa'yo nakalaan (Both) REFRAIN: Ba't di nagkatagpo Bakit tuloy nagkalayo Bakit mayro'n pang nadarama Gayong hindi na tayong dalawa Bakit magwawakas Pag-ibig na wagas Ma'ri bang mangyari pang Ibigin pang...

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I said a bad word and my Mom washed my mouth with soap.

All I could do was cry and cry."• The First and Last Time He Felt That He Hurt Somebody"As I grew up, I hurt a lot of people either intentionally or unintentionally.

I was struggling while they rushed me to the hospital where the doctors gave me glucose to raise my blood-sugar level.

We just took off from San Francisco and we were barely 10 minutes up in the air when all of a sudden we were rocked by something that sounded like 12 guys were hitting the right side of the plane with sledgehammers.

I was starting to entertain that idea when I saw the images of my wife and my kids, and I felt guilty.

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