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is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts").

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Their main site now seems to be WPWMax.com, followed by WPW Magazine Online, then their original site. The Northwest/BC FBB page (Twixpix) provides excellent coverage of the scene in that corner of North America.

Bicep is a membership site presenting fun and sexy flexin'. (Formerly known as boomerflex.) Athletic Women Magazine has been doing a great job for many years. Muscle Sensuality is a membership site with plenty of great models. Heller Collection is an awesome archive of our femuscle heritage. J.'s son continues in this proud tradition with LHArt. FBB Extreme is a fan site with some galleries and videos. European FBB hosts pages for over 30 women, mostly French FBBs.

This is entirely subjective and no insults are intended. Buff Chics is a membership site featuring hot ladies from Vancouver. Hardbody Radio is an audio show devoted to the ladies. FBB Extreme is a fan site with some galleries and videos. Imaginary Fights pretends to be about girl fights, but is really about flexing pics. Bodybuilding teens has some stuff I haven't seen elsewhere.

The major sites: Diana The Valkyrie Her Biceps Fem Flex Awe Films Gene X and FTVideo Muscle Angels and Muscle Angels Video HD Physiques AMG Lite Women's Physique World is where most of us first discovered these great ladies. Buff Calendar Girls -- show some support and order it! Lorenzo's Gallery is another fan collection of familiar pics. Girls with Muscle is all fan-contributed flexing pics. Turkish Female Sports covers the scene in that part of the world, a very good site, lots of updates.

Babes Workout offers clips of fit girls exercising. Physical Designs Photography is another membership site. Buildy is a European fan with some original galleries.

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