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I then realized I was going to end up being late instead of early. I told him he was very good looking but I was meeting friends and had to run. (Me too, but at least I go once every 25 years.)Jeff was there. He was always VERY concern with people finding out he was bi.

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That's how I always imagined him.[quote]I'm glad you described him as sweet, r17. He was a gentle Southern boy, born in Texas, as I recall. I barely finished eating the weird cum smelling fruit and then discreetly suggested we both chew gum. And while the hook up was hot and we both agreed to meet again (and fuck each other), it sadly turned into one of those things where we never saw each other again. I knew he lived in Vegas and I always found him very hot, he seems to have a sense of humor in his sex scenes. (And is that ever a turn-off.)Years ago with Casey Donovan - he was amazingly sweet and the hottest sex I ever had.

I rarely bottom and his dick is much bigger than any other I had ever had (at least up the ass), so I passed despite his having an absolutely gorgeous ass. I never had him but I can attest that he is hot and hunky (though a little shorter than you would think) in person. He does work those muscles intensely, and I can attest his ass is so spectacular it should practically have its own zip code. I went to bite the fruit (some weird jewish fruit or something) and the fruit tasted like cum and that's where he got the smell from. But R95 and R103 both of your honest descriptions make him sound really sad.

I guess it was a welcome break for them from hustling the old men. I also had sex with Christopher Lance who is now supposedly dead.

Eventually, the Follies stopped having porn stars doing shows around 1990-91.

Pierce daniels wanted to 'do it' for free with us but we declined.

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