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The channel that brought us the best show ever - The Prisoner - now reduced to a selection of 'An Audience With' and audience-clapping-along shows. Alex, Portsmouth, UK The thing that made ITV different was the fact it was so regional and each company reflected its region in all that it did.

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Neil Small, Scotland I rarely watch either BBC or ITV anymore.

It seems they find a series or presenter who people like then give them maximum exposure to a point we are sick to death of seeing them - Ant and Dec being a perfect example.

Peter C, Derby, England It's actually sad to watch ITV in it's present state; I'll be the first to admit that News at Ten could be annoying when you where watching a film but at least you knew that it would be "news", at the moment it seems like a celebrity update or ad for an ITV show and to be frank ITV seems to do nothing for new talent, it's all David Jason or some other actor on a golden handshake deal.

That said, I will always watch it when Prime Suspect is on.

There is no imagination or originality in their programming; which is represented in the apparent down turn in their audiences.

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