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He hated not having the answer to any of his questions.

During the last class of the day, an announcement came for everyone to gather in the amphitheater.

As all the acolytes began filing in that direction, speculation arose that another sacrifice might be made to Azote. How would Lord Cirvel feel when he called out Rivic’s name before all his understudies and Rivic was no where to be found?

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Ten years later (or so), the twins are hatched from a dragon egg.

With each of them receiving special dragon powers, they are charged with saving the world from a terrible evil rising.

Peta-Gaye Stewart (centre) representing the parish of St Mary, was crowned 2015 National Farm Queen last Friday night at the 63rd annual Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show.

Tanyalee Paul (right) Miss Clarendon, was first runner-up, with Jody-Ann Bailer, Ms St Thomas, second-place runner-up.

How are they to ever want to come up in the ranks if they have no good role models?

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