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Note that there will be some variation based on which line you choose.

You can check four or five lines to get a more accurate average.

Before we do any testing, see if you’re doing okay already.

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The bigger your font, the fewer characters will fit on a line. First, pick your font, which you’ve probably already done. In general, somewhere between 500 and 650 pixels is ideal.

Quick Sprout falls near the upper limit of this range.

The same thing happens when you make your blog post too wide.

I am sure you noticed that the page in Microsoft Word doesn’t take up the whole width of your screen. Now, let’s take it to the other extreme: imagine if you wrote one word per line.

With that sentence highlighted in the inspector, look on the panel on the right. Scroll down, and look for a “font-size” property that doesn’t have a line through it.

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