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But we need to look more specifically at what the popes really praised.

Zieba nicely divides the core of his book into two chapters, one devoted to democracy and the other to capitalism, and we will discuss each in turn here.

I heartily agree, but we must understand that a humane economy means employment for all who desire it, and at a just wage.

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Democracy This book’s discussion of democracy reads like that of a man seeking solid political roots but is honest enough with himself that he knows he hasn’t really found it.

Coming out of Communist Poland, Zieba wants to love democracy.

The book basically summarizes papal teaching within the framework of capitalism versus socialism and rejects socialism as wrong at its core—as “proposing a remedy far worse than the evil” it was designed to cure, in the words of , that a democratic state characterized by the rule of law and endowed with a market economy deserves praise and respect as a place in which human freedom can find expression.

The popes did consistently reject socialism and give better remarks for what is often called democratic capitalism.

Any consideration of the Church’s teaching on democratic capitalism must pay special attention to It is so important that it is often seen as the beginning of the social teaching of the Church, with many thinkers showing a level of ignorance or neglect of the vast literature written on the subject by the Church before 1891.

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