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Bornholm Regional Municipality is the local authority (Danish, kommune) covering the entire island.It is the result of a merger of the five former (1 April 1970 until 2002) municipalities on the island (Allinge-Gudhjem, Hasle, Nexø, Rønne and Aakirkeby) and the former Bornholm County.

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The total area according to and Regional Key Figures) was 588.36 square kilometres (227.17 sq mi) (January 2016). The island is called solskinsøen (Sunshine Island) because of its weather and klippeøen (Rock Island) because of its geology, which consists of granite, except along the southern coast.

The heat from the summer is stored in the rock formations and the weather is quite warm until October.

Directly west of Bornholm across the Baltic Sea mostly on the island of Sjælland are several municipalities of Region Sjælland: Stevns, Faxe, Næstved (the part that used to be the municipality of Fladså) and Vordingborg, including Møn, which is around 135 kilometres (84 miles) across the Baltic Sea.

It typically takes 2-3 hours for passengers and freight (ferry :1 hour 20 minutes; driving :1 hour) to travel between Rønne and Copenhagen via Ystad in Sweden.

The municipality still retains its name Bornholm Regional Municipality.

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