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They are not a problem in summer, and stimpmeter readings as high as 13.6 are evidence of the speed that is achieved.

“But between November and March I have a real challenge on the clay-based greens because the water has nowhere to go,” says Matt.

“But it’s not like that any more – you don’t have to pay joining fees and many golfers simply want to be able to play at all times of the year.

You have to provide that if you want to compete.”“On a course like this one that has a series of old push-up greens over solid clay down to 20 metres, you have got to have the tools to drain it properly if you want to be able to offer all-year golf.”In days gone by, the course would not have hollow tined in March and scarified in April, but that is now the right approach for a course that has some 750 members and hosts 75,000 rounds in typical year.

Its supreme versatility makes it a weapon that Matt is very happy to have in his armoury with the flexibility to power a variety of hard working implements including a deep tine aerator, as well as potentially a seeder, verti-cutter and more. He has worked at the club for 19 years and sees the Tool Carrier with Verti-Drain 1513 fitted as key in his drive to ensure that the course remains at the forefront in an area of the Thames Valley that provides much high level competition.

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