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Running a lap or two around it will definitely bring out your inner-Tom Sawyer adventurous side. Standing at 4,222 feet, this peak earns the unique title of being the highest western-most mountain in the Appalachian Chain. Special to this event is the access to the golf course area boulders, which are normally off limits. Find out what it's like to help build the trails you frequently enjoy. Many sections of the Appalachian Trail are just too close to the city not to visit. For a huge burst of adrenaline, it doesn't get much better than bombing down Signal Mountain's most iconic road.

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From the best local hiking trails, to the most memorable camping getaways in the nearby area, to the top places for refueling after a long day in the woods, here's our definitive list of everything we love about this city. River Rocks is an outdoor festival spanning the entire month of October, offering a series of over 20 outdoor events for both elite-level athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The fertile floodplain of Moccasin Bend was once home to some of America's earliest known inhabitants. For those who prefer their swimming pools to be of the natural persuasion, the North Chick blue hole is easily one of the best swimming holes in the area and is worth a visit. (And, if you ask us, they're one of the cooler local businesses around.) 29. It might seem counterintuitive to drive past Hamilton Place Mall to find some sweet singletrack. Tennessee is blessed with some pretty spectacular state parks . If you're craving a little Southern flare in your camping cuisine, check out these easy campfire recipes. Truthfully, there are few things more downright miserable for a backpacker than getting caught in a cold, pounding rain. Meeting other local trail runners is a great way to spice up your running routine.

Whether you're participating or simply spectating, it's quite a party. Run a lap around the Maclellan Sanctuary on Audubon Island. Well, did you know that it has a 1-mile loop trail on it? The highlight of hiking in this pristine wilderness area is reaching the forested summit of Big Frog Mountain. Stone Fort has been a part of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series since the beginning, and it's pretty easy to see why. Stretching over 300-miles along the Cumberland Plateau from Signal Point to the Cumberland Gap, the Cumberland Trail is home to some of the best section day hikes in the Chattanooga. Now it's home to a golf course, a mental hospital, a police firing range, and a waste management facility. But that's just what you'll get at Enterprise South—miles of amazing singletrack trails perfect for trail runners and mountain bikers alike. And Fall Creek Falls, with its towering waterfalls, steep gorges, dense rhododendron tunnels, and virgin hardwood forests, is one of the best. But it's also an invigorating life experience worth having. Not only is it a great way to help motivate you, but these group runs are also quite a bit of fun.

Here are some of our favorites spots: Rock Climbing in the Southeast Chattanooga has long been heralded for its wealth of great climbing.

From the most-frequented areas to the most obscure, the Cumberland sandstone is generally excellent, access is easy, and the climbing is a joy.

Many of the lesser-travelled, undocumented areas have sensitive access, limited parking, complicated directions, or are simply too small and easily impacted for us to feel quite right about shouting out on our site.

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