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Until then, the cow will be carefully watched to ensure that nothing occurs to invalidate its status.According to Biblical law, the cow's ashes are used for purification from certain forms of impurity, and is therefore a prerequisite for the renewal of Holy Temple service.

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This occurs in the middle of the 7 year end-times period.

So if the peace treaty between Israel and the PLO signed on September 13, 1993 was the peace treaty of prophecy, then on February 24, 1997, the abomination of desolation should have occurred in the Temple in Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva News Service Tuesday, March 18, 1997 / Adar Bet 9, 5757 Our sources: DAILY NEWS FROM ISRAEL - ISSUE 237 - 16th March 1997 See: THE RED HEIFER In the Olivet Discourse of Matthew and Mark , Jesus told the disciples about the end-time events and the abomination of desolation which will take place in the Temple in the middle of the end-times 7 year period.

The abomination of desolation is when the antichrist stands in the holy place of the rebuilt Temple and falsely declares to the world that he is God.

According to the article, the heifer, which is 6 months old now, must be at least 3 years old before it can be used in a ritual sacrifice.

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