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It is only 11am but, as she explains, there is nothing quite like a fine crystal glass of something ‘light and sparkling’ to bring a glow to a lady’s complexion.We pass through the hallway where a vast canvas of Bienvenida, painted in 1990 by royal portrait artist Richard Stone, takes pride of place.To qualify, you must also be 65 or older and not have seen an eye doctor in at least three years.

The young Bienvenida then spent six miserable years in foster care from the age of ten after her grandmother died.

If I stand for Mayor, my life will be dissected like a laboratory animal, but you know the advantage with me is that I don’t care. I am not hostage to my past.‘Sir Anthony was a brilliant man, a highly respected barrister, Minister for the British Navy under Edward Heath.

Where once her life’s ambition was to be the ‘power behind the throne’, now, it seems, she wants the throne for herself.

This May, Liverpool is set to become one of the first cities outside London to ask voters to directly elect a Mayor, and Bienvenida likes the idea of becoming the North’s equivalent of London’s Boris Johnson — another blonde with an interesting private life.‘I think that I could win. I know a lot of influential people who could bring investment to Liverpool, I have very good connections,’ she says knowingly, before taking a delicate sip of her champagne.

People of any age who are determined to be at increased risk for glaucoma (by age, race or family history) may also qualify for exams if they haven't had an eye exam in the past year.

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