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July also looks like a good month for full-size trucks, with projected segment growth of 3 percent.After volume fell last month, GM has focused efforts on the and July 2015.

Nationally, demand is still shifting steadily toward SUVs.

Key Highlights for Estimated After a record year of sales in 2016 and seven consecutive annual increases, Kelley Blue Book's forecast for 2017 calls for sales in the range of 16.8 and 17.3 million units, which represents a 1 to 4 percent decrease from last year.

The automakers' SUVs are posting sales gains, including the Hyundai Tucson, but Hyundai-Kia's lineup still leans heavily on cars, which are struggling.

Some nameplates like the Kia Soul and Forte could have a good month, but Kelley Blue Book expects the brands' cars could fall by 15 percent overall.

Mixed Sales Month Expected, Toyota's Growth to Top All Automakers Kelley Blue Book anticipates another month of mixed new-car sales results for manufacturers in .

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