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Also coincidentally, he obtains a sample of a powerful mind-control drug.The Dominator faces the very peppy dynamic duo of Spirit Girl and The Firecracker.And she took a decision that turned this universe into her own, a universe where she doesn’t know left from right, or dark from light, as her senses and memories are but fleeting afterthoughts. She was a successful college biology professor out for a drink after classes and then she woke up a prisoner, locked away, and being changed into a human doll by one of her worst students.

Universes are paths, paths we have taken that have led us to chose this universe over others.

Memories, senses, thoughts; all these things depend on which universe we made our own.

But all is not well in the land, and House Koyasu harbors a terrible secret.

Canadian Army Captian Simon Martin was inducted against his will into the Guard, Europe’s rubber clad security force. Now a Canadian Magazine is supplied with details of his service.

His student, Tiffany, is more than happy to join him on his trip. Once upon a time she was Arianna Luskarelli, pride of the Lunar Wolves, the baddest soldier the galaxy had ever known.

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