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When the Great Depression hit the country in the last months of 1929, it brought extreme poverty and difficulties for many families.To a young Charles Schulz though, life seemed to go on without any disruption to normal family activities.At age 14, this would mark the point of Charles Schulz’s first published drawing.

The United States had entered the war on December 7, 1941, following the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Within days of leaving for induction into the army at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis, Schulz’s mother, Dena, died at the age of 50.

He continued to practice his drawing skills and hone his cartooning education by reading the Sunday papers each weekend with his father.

newspaper comics feature describing the family dog’s unique talents to eat all sorts of oddities without adverse results.

Schulz spent nearly two years at Camp Campbell training as a machine gunner.

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